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Ann Wagner

B.A., Psychology
M.Ed., Behavioral Intervention Specialist

My Why: story and start to Stella Nera

I like to think my interest in understanding people began at the age of 6.  In 1980, my family moved to Warsaw, Poland as my father accepted a teaching position at the University of Warsaw.  I was only 6, but old enough to know that the large red suitcase that sat filled in our closet had big meaning; we were living in a foreign country, on the brink of war, and needed to be ready to leave at a moment's notice.  

Throughout my education, I continued to study people.  Trained as a behavioral psychologist with a M.Ed., I taught children with special needs, primarily those who were neurodivergent.  I worked in both public and private sectors, and started a small tutoring business catered to the uniqueness that students who needed extra help were desperately searching for.  While I loved teaching, my curiosity about the business world resulted in a transition out of the classroom.  I became a senior leader for a large educational and travel company, ultimately working both in the US and Europe.  I excelled in leading and coaching teams, and my focus on individual growth and team dynamics always ensured a positive impact on the bottom line. Over the years, as my curiosity continued to grow, and I began specializing more and more in external workshops and panel discussions, while further investing in my coaching practice and speaking opportunities.

At the end of 2022, my focus shifted again.  Having spent the last 7 years living in Europe, I returned to Ohio, my home-state, to help care for my father.  While this was a huge change for me personally, it was also one that provided great opportunity. Specifically, the time and clarity needed to start my own business, Stella Nera Coaching.  

Ann Wagner
Ann Wagner

Why work with me?

As a teacher, I created inclusive settings in the public school system, settings that didn't try to force one group to conform to the other.  Instead, I taught all to work together and to understand one another.  In the private sector, I helped a consulting company for children on the PDD spectrum to open its doors as a state-funded school, and I became its first teacher. 

As a senior business leader, I have proven to be the voice in the room that you want.  I have scaled teams, challenged organizational structures, created new profiles for roles, and pivoted strategies based on business needs.  In 2016, my employer asked me to relocate to Germany, where I was tasked with analyzing our largest recruitment market in a cultural exchange program, and devising a plan to turn the business around.  This lead to working with teams from all over the globe.  I have extensive experience working cross-culturally with teams from North American, South American, and European, helping to improve operations, communication, and performance. 

 As a coach, I will always put you first.  I've helped teams and clients better understand, believe in, and utilize their strengths.  I listen deeply, ask the right questions, offer tools, and help create actionable plans.  My coaching is rooted in the continual adventure of learning to work, and be, better.  With yourself -- and with others. 

Stella Nera Coaching

CRR Global - ORSC Trained 

I have completed the Organizational, Relationship, and Systems Coaching (ORSC) Training, conducted by CRR Global, an ICF accredited program. ORSC coaching has a special emphasis on systems coaching.  These tools help individuals, teams, and organizations identify emergent behaviors, facilitate communication, and design solutions for maximum potential.

Stella Nera Coaching

Certified Global Gallup Strengths Coach

I am a Global Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach.  With the use of assessment tools, I host team workshops and offer individual or executive coaching packages to help us all learn how to understand and maximize our strengths.  It is in our strengths where we find true power.

Stella Nera Coaching

Certified Predictive Index

I am certified through the Predictive Index in Talent Optimization and Team Performance.  The PI assessment tools focus on assessing what drives behaviors in the workplace, how to ignite enthusiasm and engagement, and align business strategy with talent strategy.  

Working with me, expect to lean into:

1. IDENTITY: Coaching facilitates a deepening of self-awareness.  Making change based on that awareness is the "what's next?" 

2. AGENCY: Your sense of control or agency helps you to be psychologically stable, yet flexible in the face of conflict or change.

3. MOTIVATIONAL NEEDS: Behavior is always motivated -- whether from natural needs or unmet need(s).

4. EDGE: What edge could you cross?  How do you address what holds you back while maintaining your well-being?


There is a lot of power in using an assessment to help facilitate individual and group coaching.  The combination of data-driven tools and assessments not only complements any individual or team session, but allows for common language, and focal points for deep dives into our development.  A few of my favorite assessment tools include:

Open for Business

Clifton StrengthsFinder

Individual assessment that is grounded in the idea that Talent + Investment --> Strength.  Fantastic for ongoing team coaching and individual investment and development.

Two Men Shaking Hands

Predictive Index

Individual assessment tool based on understanding one's innate drives and motivations, and the corresponding behaviors when they are met or unmet.  Amazing for recruiting and onboarding, and talent optimization.

Quick Sync

Leadership Circle

Comprehensive leadership assessment  - best used for 360 feedback sessions with executive leaders.

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