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All services are applicable for individuals, systems, teams and organizations. 

The first talk is always cost-free, and from there a competitive, custom-fit package would be created. 

Group and Corporate packages are also available.

Stella Nera Coaching


I focus on systemic coaching as an approach regardless of whether we are working independently or as part of a larger team.  Standard coaching practices emphasize individual self-awareness and improvements centered on the coachee; systemic coaching simply extends this framework to account for the bigger, more holistic, picture, allowing the action steps and change to be even more impactful.  Often in combination with an assessment, a few starting points could be:


  • Look at your Blueprint - what do you want to build on, and what needs rebuilding?  Whether you are early in your career, navigating life's challenges, or considering a pivotal change professionally or personally, our blueprint is the foundation for who we are, and how we show up.  This starts with honing in on our values.

  • Embrace your Edge - there is something so powerful about becoming boldly vulnerable, and growing each step of the way.  We engage (personally and professionally) when we are in spaces of growth and development.  Sometimes we forget what it feels like to grow and to stand in our mountain of discomfort, and know that we are capable of so much.  Where is your Edge?

  • Start with Talent, Finish with Strengths:  It's time to be intentional and thoughtful about our natural talents, motivators, and behaviors and consciously choose our best paths and where our energy is spent.

  • Fine Tune your Voice: Our communication style, our presence, our mindset, our biases - how you show up individually and as part of your system has huge impact.


Engaging in fun, dynamic, and bold workshops is a strategic investment with incredibly tangible returns.  While company industry and team size greatly vary, we all grapple with similar core challenges.  How engaged are your teams?  How can we impact retention?  What value and initiatives are offered in a post-COVID environment?  How do we address the topics of efficiency and productivity in a sustainable manner?  Do we know our purpose? Are we creating a culture that we are proud of?  How do we come back from lay-offs?  Re-work our organizational structure and attract amazing talent?  Foster an environment of continuous learning?  It's a large, and at times overwhelming, list.  Its also a list that often is falls short to other priorities.  This is where I come in.  Workshop examples include:


  • Leveraging your Strengths: Name it, Claim it, Aim it ™

  • Leadership Frameworks and Principles: I often lean on Adaptive or Situational Leadership. Frameworks.  Regardless of the model, buy-in, understanding, and consistency bring success

  • Team Roles and Dynamics: Clarity among Fluidity and establishing the Third Entity.

  • Navigating conflict in the workplace.

  • Meet, Reveal, Align, and Act: A coaching model which honors the iterative phases of all systemic processes; often used in mapping sessions.

  • Strength-based selling.

  • Organizational Design: Scaling your team and business.



As leaders, we have a lot of responsibility, choices and decisions to make.  Among many things, we are asked to motivate, educate, support, strategize, and execute. Bringing in outside voices, as a consultant or speaker, time and time again proves to be incredibly impactful. 


Book me for a consult or speaker at your next event.  Recent speaking topics include:​

  • Crossing Your Edge: What is it?  How does it show up? Where will it take you?  What is possible?

  • Power Of Choice: Bringing in more Agency to your day to day thoughts and actions. 

  • Networking: The way out is through...people.

  • Recruit to Retain: Getting it right the first time. 

  • Mastering the Leadership Pause: Understanding and managing ones attention is often considered the most important determining factor for success

  • "Hello, my name is..." The art of skillful communication.

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