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What comes first: Mood or Action?

Mood Follows Action – Action Creates Mood

I can't tell you how many times I have NOT felt like going for a run.  Or to the gym.  My mood is low, I'd be happy to sit on the couch and not do much of anything.  But I know – because I've done this dance for decades -- I WILL FEEL BETTER.  And every time, without fail, my mood lifts, my energy is better, and I'm happier.  I do more after.  I'm motivated to take action.  But what came first?  It is the age-old chicken or egg question, though I am certain that more often than not, it is our ACTIONS that create our MOOD. 

In coaching, I often speak with clients about the crossing of edges → what is just on the other side?  What would it feel like to dip into those waters? What's here now? Those waters are where growth and learning are pretty much guaranteed. Those waters are where our moods are created. 

🎇The 5 Second rule: Like taking a plunge into an ice bath -- count it down and do it! Overthinking = Inaction

💫 4 Types of Luck: Aim to create your own luck. Take action, recognize opportunities, and build and believe in your character and skills

💙 Adopt the 3X3X3 model: Unleash your productivity by spending 3 hours on your biggest priority, completing 3 smaller tasks, and investing in 3 acts of self-care. Every Day. 

🤯 Be aware of Cognitive Bias Influence: Trust me, they are not thinking about you as much as you think. And if they are, your interpretation or judgement might still be wrong. Believe in yourself, your skills, your character, and just try. 

Lets cross some edges.

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